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English Math Science Social Studies For. Language
Fine Arts Physical Ed. Modified Instruction Pre-Vocational Vocational Electives


The Curriculum is Divided Into Eight Major Departments

1.English                                                                                 Back to Top
English 9 (Ave. & Hon.)  English 10 (Ave. & Hon.) 
Englsih 11 (Ave. & Hon.)  Englsih 12 (Ave. & Hon.) 
Jounalism I  SAT Verbal 
Speech/Research Drama
AP English I AP English II
World Literature Fundamental Writing
2.Math                                                                                    Back to Top
Transition Math Algebra (Ave. & Hon.)
 Int. Algebra (Ave. & Hon)  Geometry (Ave. Hon.)
Trigonometry Pre-Calculus
Computer Science Basic Programming 
Prob. & Statistics Into. to Calculus
3. Science                                                                               Back to Top
Gen. Science 9 (Ave. & Hon.) Biology I (Ave. & Hon.)
Biology II (Ave. & Hon.) Marine Biology
Chemistry I (Ave. & Hon.) Chemistry II (Ave.)
Physics Environmental Science 
Principles of Technology Microbiology/Genetics 
Astronomy C & C Thinking/Chess 
School-To-Work (Elective)
4. Social Studies                                                                      Back to Top
Virgin Islands History Caribbean History
World History United States History
African History Sociology
Economics Psychology
A.P. History Pt. 1  A.P. History Pt. 2 
Legal Education World Geography
5. Foreign Language                                                               Back to Top
Spanish I  Spanish II 
Spanish III  French I 
French II 
6. Fine Arts                                                                             Back to Top
Intro to Art  Basic Arts 
Advanced Art I Advanced Art II
Art Foundation I  Art Foundation II
Art Foundation III Art Foundation IV 
Intro. to Ceramics Sculp./Ceramics
Ceramics Found. I Ceramics Found. II 
Ceramics Found. III Ceramics Found. IV 
Ceramics Found. V Intro. to Photography
Photography I Music Appreciation
Concert Choir I  Concert Choir II
Concert Choir III Concert Choir IV
Concert Choir V Beginning Band
Intermediate Band Advanced Band I 
Advanced Band II  Advanced Band III 
Advanced Band IV  Advanced Band V
Advanced Band VI Advanced Band VII
Jazz Ensemble I Jazz Ensemble II
Jazz Ensemble III Jazz Ensemble IV
Jazz Ensemble V
7. Physical Education                                                               Back to Top
Phys. Ed. I Phys. Ed. II
Modern Dance I Modern Dance II
8. Modified Instruction                                                             Back to Top
English I  English II
English III English IV
Math I Math II 
Math III Virgin Islands History
Caribbean History United States History
General Reading General Science
General Biology Career Awareness
Pre-Vocational                                                                         Back to Top
Agriculture Home Economics
Expl. Business Electronics
Home Economics 
Vocational Electives                                                                 Back to Top
Keyboarding  Accounting
Business Law Prin. of Marketing
Architectural Draft  Carpentry
Agriculture Small Engine
Graphic Arts  Upholstery
Ad. Life Skills Audio Visual I

Prospective Students Current Students Faculty and Staff Alumni