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St. Croix Educational Complex High School

School Profile

Mission Statement

The St. Croix Educational Complex (SCEC) is designed to provide educational opportunities to all students in an environment that fosters the development of skill and knowledge.  This is accomplished through an innovative and diversified curricular structure that encompasses vocational and college preparatory education.


The school year is 180 days.  It include two semesters with a total of four (4) marking periods.  The first semester ends in January and the second semester ends in June.  Classes meet for 90 minutes per period, four periods per day.  Students who fail a class during any semester will have to repeat that class during the summer or a subsequent semester.  Credits are assigned at the end of each semester.  A student must earn at least 70% in each course to receive credit.  Courses range from honor classes to those for students qualified for special education.  The entire class is ranked using all grades earned on a equal basis.  Rank is computed at the end of each semester.

Student Body

The SCEC high-school enrollment is approximately 1600 students, grade nine through twelve.  It has a rich distribution of ethnic groups and cultures among its students, reflecting the diverse population of the Caribbean.


The Math/Science Magnet Program at the SCEC High School was established by the Virgin Islands Government in 1995 to provide challenging educational opportunities for students with special interest and potential in mathematics and science.  Students enrolled in this program are given the opportunity, through their elective selections, to chart career choices related to Math and Science, especially in engineering studies, medical science, and environmental studies.

The College Prep Program provides college-oriented students the opportunity to develop a complete course portfolio that would make them eligible for admission to any college.

The School-to-Work Program provides students the opportunities to work in their field of interest during the last semester of their senior year.  This gives them hands-on experience in a potential future profession.

The Vocational Program enables the students to follow a career track through their elective choices that prepares them for certification in that program while pursuing their high-school diploma.

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