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In order for a Web document to be properly displayed on a Web browser it needs to follow the proper structure.  The proper structure with the appropriate tags are shown below:

<html>    The start of the document

<head>    The open head tag

<title>    The open title tag

        The text in this section will appear on the title bar on the browser

</title>  The close title tag

</head>  The close head tag

<body>    The open body tag.  It precedes the contents of the document

       Everything that will appear on the browser should be placed between the open and close body tags.

</body>  The close body tag.

</html>    The close html tag

Note: It is important that each open tag < > has an accompanying close tag < / > to insure the structure is correct. Without these, the page may display incorrectly or not be displayed at all on the Web browser.