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Inserting Images

To insert an image on a Web document, copy or move the image file into the same folder as the HTML text file on which the image tag will be inserted. (If you are unfamiliar with the procedure for copying or moving an image into a folder, consult your computer's help section or disk-operating system manual for further instructions).

Insert the following HTML tag at the point in the Web document where you want the image to appear. Substitute the name of the image you are inserting for the words yourimage.gif below.

<img src="yourimage.gif"/>

The text file and the image file are two separate files. However, when the image tag is typed within the text file, what the user sees is one Web document consisting of a combination of the text and image files.

Note:  It is preferable that the image extension ends with .gif or . jpg.  Although other image formats are supported, these are the most commonly used and accepted.