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Formatting Text

The color attribute can take any of the following standard color names: black, white, red, blue, fuchsia, green, yellow, gray, aqua, navy, purple, olive, maroon, teal, silver, or lime.

Here is an example of how to apply one of these colors to text in a Web document:

<font color="red">This text will appear red.</font>

<font color="purple">This text will appear purple.</font>

Other HTML Tags That Support Formatting Text



<small> Small text
<big> Big Small text
<sup> Superscript Small
<sub> Subscript Small
<strike> Strikethrough Small (draws a line through text)
<u> Underline Small
<em> or <i> Emphasized (italic) text
<strong> or <b> Strong (boldface) text
<tt> Monospaced Small typewriter font
<pre> Monospaced Small font, preserving spaces and line breaks